About the Artist

Dianne-e1360341326742Although Dianne Redman is originally from the “Show Me” state of Missouri, she proudly claims that all three of her children are native Texans. She emerges from a long line of craftsmen and her love of natural stones blends appropriately with her signature Simply Enhancing “Trinity Creations” line.

Dianne uses natural stones to symbolize God the Father, a cross to symbolize God the Son, a dove charm to symbolize God the Holy Spirit.

Each piece is accompanied by a card which reveals the Bible verses that reflect each symbol.


The story behind the Trinity Necklace

My good friend’s father passed away and I wanted to do something special—different than the traditional flowers or food—something personal. So, I decided to make a necklace for her. I have always been drawn to natural stones so the choice to use them came “naturally”. I purchased a simple brown agate cross to add to the stones and as I held the necklace—the rocks in one hand and the cross in the other, my mind kept repeating the words, rocks . . .cross, rocks . . .cross, rocks . . .cross. Then I heard that little voice—you know the one that whispers quietly to you from out of nowhere and it was saying “something’s missing”. I remember thinking to myself that when I hear that little voice it is usually the Holy Spirit trying to tell me something. As the realization hit, I literally laughed out loud. That was what was missing—the Holy Spirit! It was then that I added the dove to the rocks and the cross and the first “Trinity” necklace was created.